Smart Saving Tips For Housewives

If you want to try and learn to work around the situation, a housewife can be a financial savior by saving for the future of the family. Let’s check some saving tips that can be applied by housewives, and also tips for setting aside spending money from your husband.

1. Create a budget and financial records.
Budget and financial records are important tips for saving for housewives who must be the basis for family savings planning. Relax, this is not a difficult thing, because the basis for making notes is also similar when making travel notes.

Know first the objectives of this budget and financial planning. This is to help you in achieving these goals. After that, record what expenses you need for daily household needs for a month. Then look for expenses which are actually not important, Some expenses that are not important and can be saved, such as:

a. Newspaper subscription fees.
It will be more effective and faster to read news using a smartphone. The news will also be more updated and varied, rather than just reading through the newspaper.
b. Cable TV subscription fee.
As an alternative, you can watch cool videos from YouTube, HOOQ, VIU or other online streaming services.

2. Paying several expenses each week.
If you usually buy gasoline, electricity or other expenses according to usage, change the concept by only buying every week. This is done so that you can prevent the total expenditure that is too much and unexpected at the end of the month.

For example, we determine the budget for purchasing gasoline cars is $ 15 for a week. Therefore, for a week you must keep your gas expenditure does not exceed the nominal.

If the estimated fuel consumption is not enough until the end of the week, that is a sign we need to start reducing our motorbike use. With saving tips for housewives, you can find out how much you used for a week, so you can save even more in the next week.

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